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For all your prescription needs

We can assist you with everything to do with your NHS and private prescriptions as well as give advice on all medicines and minor ailments. Once we receive your prescription we are usually able to dispense the medication within a few minutes. 

Collection and Delivery

If collection of your prescription from the pharmacy is difficult for you, we should be able to help. We can pick up your prescription from your doctor, dentist or nurse and prepare it and/or deliver it free to local homes for customers who are housebound or live in warden-controlled accommodation.

In the unlikely event that we don’t have your medication in stock, we can usually obtain it for you the very same day and if it is urgent, we can arrange special delivery from our wholesaler usually within two hours.

Repeat Medication

Arranging repeat prescriptions can be confusing and we can do a lot to help make it easier. Have a word with us and we’ll run through the options to see which is the most convenient option for you.

Medicine Usage Reviews (MURs)

Medicine Use Reviews are recommended for those who would like some free and reliable advice on their medicines. Simply make an appointment with one of our pharmacists and, in confidence, they will take a look at the list of medicines you are taking and ensure that you are taking them in the most appropriate and effective manner. It may be that some drugs interact negatively or it may be that there are new, better alternatives for you today.This service is funded by the NHS.

Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS)

All our pharmacies now offer EPS making prescribing and dispensing more efficient and convenient. Ask us for more information if you’re interested in EPS and would like us to be your ‘nominated’ pharmacy.
Please contact us for more information on this free service.